I could go on forever writing about this. I fall in love with Qnet all over again. I’ve tried keeping it short. Please edit in case there is any grammar or content issue.

Thanks for being a part of my life. LETS ROCK!!

Qnet is a journey of change. I began as as a nobody and am on path to become somebody. Of course there’s a lot of money on offing, but its barely an outcome of a very very difficult process where I am ready to evolve. It’s extremely hard work plus perseverance. But, it is DEFINITELY working for me. However, the purpose is higher than just making lots of money

Qnet was formed in 1998 with an objective of helping people. Its been growing consistently year on year. My most favorite part about tryst with this wonderful company is that people who are already big and successful are always ready to help people who’ve embarked on this journey. The value system and training arm, V Studios and Infiniti enable me to pursue this journey in highlights. The philosophy of Qnet is RYTHM- Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. Of course, it’s difficult for me to be able to help someone unless I’m not self dependent myself.

Qnet is a Network Marketing Company. An industry, which is an advanced Franchising model. The only difference is I could start with very small upfront money and the opportunities are limitless. It is about people helping people!

In the beginning, it did look too good to be true. I purchased product and service and THAT gave me an opportunity to break free from effort -money -paying bills cycle. Another name for that cycle is Rat Race.

The products are absolutely fantastic. Modern, futuristic and technologically ahead of times! Nanotechnology, Lifestyle Vacations, Swiss Watches and Homecare products like Livpure and Airpure! Please tell me one person who does not connect with these industries!

Qnet works for me because I work for Qnet. It is my vehicle of choice to get to where I always yearned for. It is most honest, ethical & legal form of income generation and I’m very proud of my association with Qnet.

Love & Peace,

Nikunj M

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