I have been working as a QNET IR for almost one and a half years now. It has not only helped me to improve my financial status in life but, QNET has done much more that just that. The training arm of QNET i.e. The-V makes you a better human being. It focuses on making u a better person rather than just making you a better business man. It is the only place where some  one more successful than you will pull you up and ask you about your dreams in your life and will work with you to help you accomplish and reach your dreams. It has changed my life and a life of a lot of people close to me. For me Qnet is not just a source of income now. It is a way of life for me. It is just because of this QNET and the great mentors i have got in here that i can confidently ask my parents about the dreams they have in their life which they were not able to fulfill because of one reason or the other. I can confidently promise them  that i will make each and every dream of theirs come true. For me QNET is all about making my family proud and making them LIVE THEIR DREAMS.
Ankur G

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