I have been part of this business from past 1 year. It has been a truely life changing Oppertunity for any person to be an entrepreneur at a very young age just after finishing his graduation. With such a minimum expense dat i made over myself and got to be a businessman nowhere or in no other industry I have seen it… I have earned a pretty good amount of money in past one year and am successful in helping my friends in changing their life’s too…. it is the only company which lets people to attend international level conferences like vcon where any age person can attend it… we are being provided proper trainings called as systems and vcells by the people who have achieved success in the business…
I would prefer qnet for any student or a person who really wants to do something else apart from d daily job dat everyone works upon….
Not only money I have earned respect in the eyes of my parents who say “it’s not only raising ur bar higher,but also to help others to raise others” and that’s wat qnet helps each and every individual to do.

Thank you

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