I was leading a compromising life 3 years before working for a reputed insurance company as an IT projects manager for 11 years with over all experience of 14 years in corporate world. As usual like any other jobbie life in corporate was a rat race trying to please boss for next promotion and hike and good rating. Me and my husband had realised the actual fact of corporate life after having more than a decade of experience and wanted to change our life from the routine pay cheque to pay cheque.
We were looking actively to take up secondary income for urself. Fortunately my friend /colleague spoke to me an opportunity to earn extra income. Me and my husband went thru the entire business presentation one day and this was exactly what we were looking for which can give independence of working at my own terms and yet keep the primary job.
Initially first 3 months me and my husband worked hard and cudnt believe that we had actually recovered all the money that we had used to start the business of Rs. 4.5 Lakhs.
We did not have the money to start the business but we did take the decision the same day we saw the presentation to start. So we swiped the credit card to start. The urge to recover the money and pay back to the bank was even more as the interest was ticking.
And we did it with hard work and perseverance. This got us the belief that yes… This business is very legitimate and can earn money.
There was no looking back after that. We did have our regular office life as well as built business Parallelly. Initially started the business to earn extra income but never thought that it could give me the opportunity to quit my primary job as i started earning much more than what I was earning at my job. More over I was earning weekly income. It was purely referral scheme and similar to what we already do in our regular life day in and day out. If I can earn by doing this then why not. Moreover I’m paying tax to government by filing tax .. Very much legitamate.
One and half year I took to stabilise my business Parallelly along with my corporate job.
One and half year full time into the business and building it aggressively.
Like any other business there have been ups and downs, challenges that I did face in the business. All my mentors and uplines have been very supportive in helping me cross all the barrier. The trainings and events conducted by the company has only helped in getting belief and do better in business.
I’m very thankful and fortunate to have this business in my life and also provide such earning opportunity and better life style and change lives of many other lives around me.

Rathi R

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