I’m Jincy Francis . Currently I’m an  entrepreneur with QNET. But like anybody , I’m also a graduate in computers from the most known university in India . Life was filled with expectation of getting a great profile to work also with a great pay  as I was a graduate from the most known UNIVERSITY . unfortunately  life wasn’t as easy as expected . I had to compromise on my time with my family , I had to compromise my freedom , I had to compromise on my living expenditure , above all I had to compromise on my DREAMS. Basically my life was compromised in whole with minimal options to live the life I desired . Devastated with no hopes , no dreams , no reason to live. But it was then I was introduced to QNET . And through QNET , to this amazing family called OCEAN . Even when everybody claimed this platform to be a wrong decision , I still chose to be a part of this family . I was loved , cared , taken care of but most importantly OCEAN taught me to wake up from my fall , I was taught to give selflessly disrespect of my reason to give or not , I was taught to LEAD , to LET LEAD. I have turned out to be that COURAGEOUS GIRL who is ready to face REJECTIONS , PAIN , and RISK , not alone but TOGETHER , together United as a FAMILY and not alone . I’m blessed to be here . I’m learning LIFE . I’m a proud independent representative of QNET.

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