Its been 2 years and 10 months of roller coaster ride with QNET for me. To start with I never thought I’ll take it full time and build it that huge ever as looking myself at mirror I was an introvert, don’t like talking much and loved to spend time alone with not more then 4 people.

New in to the city with only 2 years of corporate experience one thing was crystal clear that even if I take this rut of jobs it wont fetch me any freedom of money nor time in future and as my parents are back in isolated village in Himachal Pradesh some day when I get back to them one question haunted me “what have I done for them”!!

Being with QNET what today I’ve got is financial stability, all the things I ever thought of accomplishing today are being ticked and it feels extremely exciting. Huge lot of amazing people around building and helping each other to the core just so one could reach what was not possible alone as an individual, yes that’s the culture here with us. Values and the experience that I’ve received here is so pure and in the right path, same would certainly be passed on to this and the coming generations.

Last but not the least the products that QNET have are so exclusive and up to the quality. I’ve used most of them and couldn’t find a flaw. Infact it’s products are my daily living routine.

To end with I’d like to say that it is a beautiful organisation to work along with and today I owe everything that exists in me to QNET.

Thank you

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