My identity, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a daughter in law, a sister n so on. This was most probably my life recognition along with my degree of an interior designer. My entire life either known by my father’s name or after marriage known by my husband’s name, also an efficient employee of a renowned company. Living a peaceful though incomplete life.

Never needed any other business apart from my designing field as was content with my life, but somehow QNET came 3yrs back into my life as a boon. Singing the song of satisfaction with the current situation that time I never thought of putting any effort or time in QNET business for approx one year. In the middle of all this, a question kept ticking in my mind, am I doing the most important thing of my life or m I ready to do this kind of whole day job my whole life where I’m not able to give my daughter the time she deserves?? But in course of getting no answer I never tried the opportunity already given to me.

A situation came in my life where I realised why I have to go for self employment. That was the time when a new chapter was introduced in my life, a Networker. It took me a couple of months to understand how it works, but glad that I never assumed or prejudged anything before fully understanding the potential n work ethics of QNET. I have never heard or seen such a life changing business opportunity. Earlier what I thought of luxury is today my day to day lifestyle, not only that it keeps on upgrading.

Talking about QNET, I can’t forget to mention some of its exclusive products n subsidiaries. QVI CLUB, the best product of QNET is today used by my entire family for any reunion or vacation across the globe. Other products which r in my favourite list is Himalaya pendent, Classy Watches, Chakra, Bio Disc, Edge, Health products n so on, the list is unending.

After having QNET as a detachable part of my life, I can only say, I was never satisfied with my earlier situation, I just accepted the fact that my life will never change, but I forgot that it is driven by the Divine almighty 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻who give chances of changing life to everyone. I got it in the name of QNET, no luck, no shortcut only hard work n a trust, a belief that I can drive n control my own life. No bullshit n crap of others view towards this profession.

Here I’m after the amazing 3yrs of journey of a proud Networker, fully satisfied, no impossibilities left. Controlling my life, rejoicing every moment, doing business with unbelievable set of people who made this journey the most amazing of God’s gift. Needless to say that Network Marketing made my life content in real ways. Proud to be a part of QNET, the most amazing network marketing company, never can imagine my life without it now.


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