My name is Awanish, I am a proud IR of Qnet. Just wanted to reflect few things about my company.

Qnet has very exclusive products on its portal , and how good are these products, me, my family and many others are living example of it. I have used almost all the products Qnet has , like limited edition Swiss watches , vacation packages , health products etc. The products are just amazing , it can felt once it’s used.

The company is very ethical, the management of Qnet consists of some most amazing people across the world I have ever met or seen. I have achieved a lot from Qnet , not just money, Qnet has helped me to be a better person. The organisation I am into has so many entrepreneurs, I get to learn a lot from them. Of course when you have competitors in the market , and you are a well established company , others would want you to take down, so lot of negativity will be spread , but since I have been a part of it now and I know the company closely, I know the authenticity of the company.

We are paid by the company only when a product is sold through us. The model and finance of Qnet is the best, I have never seen any other company having this model. It’s very legitimate. It has never happened to me or my organisation that the company forgot to pay the commission somehow.

Qnet is my life, I will serve people through Qnet throughout my life.

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