Myself Dr Abhinav Prakash Doctor Eye Surgeon/Specialist & resident of Delhi doing practice in Delhi want to put forward my views through your channel that QNET is direct selling company & its called network marketing it doesn’t function by recruiting or joining new members but its soul unique concept is to make commission on sale of products & everyone is equal sharing partner unlike most of the pyramid schemes ongoing where only people at the top get higher cut.This is a future perspective to strengthen our nation economically, helping unemployed & creating more enterpreneurs then ever. I am glad that after doing this business I no more have to exploit & depend upon my poor & needy patients who are non affording to run my own family, Now I can treat patients for my passion not for money, this is called Financial Freedom, & trust me I have achieved everything in less then one year. This is the only legal & ethical way to fulfil all my dreams which could have never been achieved with job or self employed mindset. Q NET has changed my life. It’s the future perspective of millions of those ambitious people who sacrificed their dreams due to financial crunches. QNET is second chance in life for those people who couldnt achieve their dreams of life due to financial laydowns. It will prove to be a big revolution for economical boost of the nation very soon. I know there are people who are suferrers as they couldnt sustain or fall prey to some bad element who were malpracticing on the name of industry it doesnt mean that whole industry is bad. Negativity is everywhere & it catches more eyes. In a similar way not all doctors are negligent if one is at fault we all know doctor is the only life saving person after God.

Its a request to media of our country to support this noble cause & movement to fight for amendment & bill in Parliament for direct selling industry so that this novice concept dont have to face criticism & obstacles.

Dr. A. P

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