Qnet is not a business, not a company its a way of life today.
I have gone though a change in thought process, where I started thinking beyond myself and my benefits.
I have gained a lot of love and respect in last 4.5yrs of my association with this company.
I saw the heart and soul of the company, I feel sad to see a bunch of guys is trying to harm such
an amazing initiative called Qnet for their personal benefits. Qnet today have given life to so many
who had no hope to have a better life.They had almost accepted that they are born poor and will die
poor till the time Qnet came into their life.Its such a satisfying experience to be associated with such
a wonderful drive and fulfill so many people’s dreams and desires everyday.

On the practical grounds Qnet products are just amazing, I have used wellness products not only me
my entire family is using Qnet products and results are amazing, immunity of the family has increased
big time.Also I have used Swiss watches, they are stylish, they are beautiful and there is no wear and tear.
Me, my husband, my father, my sister, my brother in law and my sister’s father in law — all are using these
watches and are very happy with it.Many of my friends and relatives have been going on vacation with QVI
club and they are mesmerized with their experience.Today I use Air Pure and Home Pure at home on day to
basis and I&my family is 100% satisfied with these products.I and my husband use Physio Radiance and Defy
as cosmetic products and results are amazing.I and my mother are diagnosed with low Vit D and we are living on
Qnet’s Bone Health pack, my son takes Nutriplus every day and he loves the taste, We have Celestial Green
Tea. I want to say in nutshell my and my family life runs on Qnet Products and we are very happy with them.

On the compensation plan side, in last 4.5Yrs our compensations have never been stopped, or delayed even by a day.
If there is a national holiday in Hongkong we get it before time.Tax is deducted at source, we file our taxed every yr,
we get form 16A from the company.Its 100% legal company.


Saha S

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