I find this idea great when i come to know the value system of the company. i thought this is the destiny for me to work or to survive with this company. Now i feel this is the company i ever seen in my corporate experience who thinks about their IR as a family and growth of the associates first, then company next.
To work with this is like dream come true like ” Raise your self to help mankind” is the driving force for me to live life. The same is the companies which makes me more comfortable to be associate with this greatest company in this planet.
I loved to be part of this great company and i feel this is the greatest opportunity i ever met in my life. I always love to help others and give opportunity this is the only company which teaches us to help others and serve the nation.
I love my country i love Bharat i love Qnet.
Being the responsible citizen of india i pay tax and like all companies this company also paid us after deducting taxes which will gives a revenue to the country and we pay income tax to serve the nation.
I believe this company has the potential and value system to trust ” Our Dream come true”.

I love I live Qnet


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