I have been part of Qnet for last 2.5 years and before Qnet I was part of MNC working as sourcing specialist and had alongside I had textile biz and working on real estate projects. For 2.5 years I did this working from 8 to 11 all day just to make extra money and give better life for my family. Gave no time to family or friends, was looking for something which could help me get time freedom and money freedom. Qnet came in all of sudden in life, initially I dint believe I could do this but with help of amazing team support I could actually do it with baby steps and building it slowly. After 7 months I resigned corporate world and closed all other biz I was into and focussing only on building Qnet biz. For last two years almost I have breakfast lunch dinner with family. I am a full time son husband father brother and friend. This was possible coz I took that step to change my life and Qnet is the ship which is helping me achieve all my dreams and I am living my dream already.. Lots to come by insha Allah.

Abbas T

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