I was a person who was against Network Marketing and i was not liking it just because I have to get in people and I am not good at it and my husband was also against that.

Finally I got into QNet business with my friend as i badly wanted to do some business. I chose QNet because Investment was less and Time was flexible.

As I started the business, I started liking it because it was not just money based but also stands on Values. I saw myself personally and financially improving. Having a 6 yrs old kid, managing household stuff, managing business was really good experience. Whatever i was learning in my business, was useful for my personal life as well. I started socialising, making difference to others and after prospecting when they did not come to the business, few people used to call me and tell why have you stopped calling me. Once in a while call me up and talk. They used to tell that it really empowers them when they speak to me.

QNet has helped me to connect with other human being. I see oneness, brotherhood, unity here. When I saw VCon, I was very happy to see the heart of the company which is standing for people.

How much money you want, you can make it in QNET with pure hardwork and dedication.

QNET is a ray of hope for everyone who wants to make it big in life.

I am blessed to be part of QNET Family.
Lavanya CN

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