I am QNET Independent Representative since from 2015 September. I got into this QNET business through my sister, before I knew it is network marketing!! I just joined this by trusting her. I am really enjoying each bit of this business. Thankful to the person who referred me to this!
Lots of motivational things in this business if one has to take it in a positive sense. There is nothing called cheating in this business like we hear from people written in Google. Just that it is different than our traditional businesses. People who have zeal in becoming successful in life, this business will definitely help them and the people in this business as well support them. No doubt on this. Because I have seen many examples about successful persons in this business with in short span of time. Initially I also went with lots of negativity reading internet reviews about QNET and many others in Google. I got many doubts whether I am keeping right steps or not, products exists or not etc…. I decided to experience my vacation package before I get someone into this business. I went to Coorg and stayed in WoodStock Villa which is just away from the city premises and in hill station before entering Coorg. Very amazing place with great facilities like swimming pool, Badminton court, great view of the nature, jogging area etc. Food and the room services are awesome. The Rooms were amazing. I should not be calling them as rooms as you don’t feel you are in a hotel room because they were big cottages nicely built with super facility in side. So no doubt about the products in QNET. Best thing is you will enjoy the product and you will also get a chance to do the business. That is the beauty about QNET one should realize rather than thinking something about the product, company etc..

People in this business, help each other and uplift everyone without even envying like you see in corporate atmosphere. I see lots of corporate people in this business like me here and they are successful in both in this business as well as in their corporate ladder. This business definitely change your thinking about others and your behaviour in office/home as well. You start liking people however they are instead of pointing them. Lots of motivational aspects in this business that will help each and every one to grow in their carrier and personal life.
I have started doing my job, business, house hold work with love and affection.

Also regarding any queries we have, the call center is very good and supportive. They respond very quickly. Even for booking QVI vacations in any specified countries in the plan, the customer care is very helpful. You just have to send one e-mail that’s it, They will call you back in few minutes and list you out all the available hotels/resorts for your dates so that you can choose very peacefully. What else you need???
Sunday’s systems are awesome!! It is not brainwashing sessions like you hear in internet reviews, They are amazing sessions one should hear to understand what all you are missing in your life other than just doing your job!!. It’s a kind of personality development classes. I myself whether I do a great job in business OR not, but I will be waiting for weekend systems to meet all the people to get associated with them. It will boost my energy to lots of things at home and in office. QNET has lots of amazing products there is no second thought about it. Because I wasted many days just thinking about products and doubting them. But after experiencing them, I feel very confident about this business.


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