QNET – The Future Business
I heard from the great man that a normal human takes 4-5 big decision in his/her life like which college should I join? , will I become a Doctor or an Engineer or a Lawyer? , what kind of person I choose as my life partner? , what house/property I buy? , & finally (which most people don’t thing much, I guess) WHAT LIFE I REALLY WANT FOR ME & MY FAMILY?
The moment I asked myself this question, I was shocked! Because the next thing came into my mind is that “WILL I EVER GET WHAT I WANT JUST BY KEEP DOING WHAT I AM DOING NOW?”.
I am a Telecom Engineer by profession with a 6+ experience in my field, working in TOP telecom vendor company, a company which many people see as their Dream Company. But I was an average student in my school days, an average in my whole education journey. A typical Engineer, who loves technical things, who talk to his laptop, and hate any topic/discussion which don’t relate with my profession. But when I asked myself that “Where am i going?”, “what things I want to achieve in my life?”, “WHATs MY PURPOSE IN LIFE?”. I then started observing life of Technical/corporate people, a journey of 09 am to 06 pm, a journey of GO TO WORK COME BACK HOME, GO TO WORK COME BACK HOME, GO TO WORK COME BACK HOME like a machine. I asked myself, is it better to be a person who says “I love my job but actually hates to wake up on MONDAY”? If people love their job that much than why anyone not saying “HAPPY WEEKDAY or HAVE A JOBFULL WEEK” rather than happy weekend? Why should I shrink my life to live I in Saturday (now 2nd & 4th) & Sundays (unless there is no critical problem occurs, (only technical people can understand this)? And what will be my achievement? A House on loan which will take 15-20 YEARs to clear?
I am not saying Job is bad. It is/was  bread & butter of most of us. But I DON’T WANT MY CURRENT & FUTURE FAMILY JUST TO LIVE ON BREAD & BUTTER.
But when I introduced to QNET, My goals in life are crystal clear now. Qnet gives me platform to build by business in almost all major countries across the globe, including INDIA. I am using QNet product like Chi pandent, Biodisk, Veloci-Ti pandent, Swiss watch & I got a business opportunity too. I am very very very satisfied & loyal with Qnet. I am living proof of Qnet. Qnet teaches me that “I have to be ethical with job too, till I am doing job”.
What is the Future of India in Qnet? Guys, We all know what is the population in India. People see it as a weakness. But what if it become our strength? The actual problem is, in corporate culture & traditional business, with the new technology, man power cutting happens. This increases the UNEMPLOYMENT. So, how to utilize the man power? India desperately needs a solution which have  latest technology such that it utilize man power too. So, is there any opportunity who fulfill this criteria? YES, Its QNET.
As far as business is concern, I always wanted to have a family business, where all my brothers & sisters (6 siblings in total) will work together & stay together because there was a day when all of 6 were living in the same house but they hardly see each other (because of different timings & Job). QNet put all of us together in single roof once again (like we were in our childhood). We are not just building business here, we are building family. I LOVE MY FAMILY. I LOVE QNET.
Guys, we all know what stupid questions/news are out there to de-edify the business. & we all know how to handle them. There are tons of references/ways to “PROVE THEM WRONG”. But, But, But, before handling their objections, please ask them that“WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO?”,”IS THERE ANY OTHER LEGAL & ETHICAL WAY TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS?”, “IS THERE ANY OTHER ETHICAL BUSINESS WHO GIVE OPPORTUNITY TO A LOWER/MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE”? Trust me, their mouth will be shut like it was never open. So if they don’t know what to do, then they have no rights to say what not to do.
I love my family & their dreams are my dreams. And I will never allow any moron to steal my dreams.  I AM NOT IN QNET, QNET IS IN ME

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