QNET truly stands for a company that is on the mission of changing people’s lives around the planet.

After working for 18 years with some of the Fortune 100 corporations in the world, I was looking for a way to get started in a business, as I no longer wanted to work for someone else and wanted to live a life of choices and freedom. Coming for a traditional middle class Indian family where nobody had ever done a business, this was a big task. I tried many things but nothing worked out to even get started. I was about to give up my entreprenuerial dream, just when QNET happened. This truly has been a turning point of my life for so many reasons.
Thanks to QNET, now finally I am an entrepreneur and building a wordwide business. What makes QNET
the most powerful organisation in the world is because:
1) the personal transformation that I have gone through in this journey is phenomenal. I have changed my
mindset, my belief systems, my paradigm and my entire being. The way I look at myself, my life and the possibilities has changed completely. The learning and education that you get being a part of this journey is unparalleled. Its better than any University education in the world.
2) the opportunity that I have had to help others grow and become successful is unparalleled. I earlier lived
a selfish corporate life where i only bothered about myself, but now it is about helping other succeed. I have
become a better human, a better person with a willingness to change people’s life as my only mission of life
3) It makes it possible for anyone irrespective of their background, education and professional background achieve success to the highest level. QNET gives a level playing field for hardwork, talent and commitment to translate into success.

Network Marketing needs a lot of hard work, commitment, dedication and to achieve success you need to pay a huge price of hardwork, committment, sacrifice, facing fear of failure and rejection and the effort ofgoing through personal transformation.


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