Good morning everyone My name is PRASHANT . I am from Delhi.

Joined the q net buissness in December 2014 along with my wife.

It’s been a great journey from there my personal experience with q net is amazing.

V Malaysia was amazing as always lot of energy lot of learning.

Qvi club holidays are amazing.

Using lot of q net products myself Bio disc is amazing lot of positive effect on the body helps in getting deep sleep during the night. Water energised by biodisc is great feel more energized every time I take a sip.

Chi pendent save my body from e smog from all the major houses hold electronic gadgets specially laptop and mobile phones.

I have all the support from the company till date and never faced any problems in my purchases.

I am using BHM watch also very high quality watch a must have for all men that is the only jewelry normally men wears and what could be the best than a Swiss watch.

I am feeling empowered have positive thoughts around me always feeling in control of my life what more to ask for.

For me and my wife its a journey of 1.5 years only but achievements are great we have a small team working in different cities of India and with the right coaching guidance I am pretty sure I will make big in this buissness.

It’s a buissness like any other and failures ups and downs are there in every part of life this buissness should also be treated like that.

Thanks once again to all my uplines and the V to support me in this enterprenueral journey.

Thanks and regards.

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