I got this life changing opportunity from one of my near friend before around 1.5 year back. When I find this idea great when I come to know the value system of the company. The thought process of company and the thought process of founders of company. The company changes my life style my thought process & I thought this is the destiny for me to work or to survive with this company. Now according to my experience with this company I feel this is the company I ever seen in my previous corporate experience who thinks about their all peoples IR as a family members and their growth of first, then the growth of company next which never seen any where. This all things shows the how the value system company is having.
The products are exclusive very good which is value for money compare to other products are cheaper. Compensation plan is good. To work with this type of organisation is it self is very big opportunity for me. The moto of company is to “Raise your self to help mankind”  which is reality. Due to this millions of peoples changing their life which is not seen due to any other company has changed the lives of ordinary peoples to bring them extra ordinary life.
To work with this is like my dream come true means which I think will get from this opportunity. I feel grateful for being a part of this company. I love this company which is always ready to help peoples to fulfill their dreams with a very authentic way.
Last year i am getting form 16 from this company from which I have filled my IT returns which is 100% legal thing and legal document for proving this company is legal and doing business legal.
I Love Qnet and believe this company has the potential and value system to trust and grow to change the life of millions of peoples in the world to help them to achieving their dreams come to reality.

I love Qnet
Thanks & Regards

Pankaj K

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