Saw your news on Qnet. I was taken aback to see how you people have maligned the name of Qnet. Qnet is a very ethical company and it practices very fair operations. I have been a customer for last one year and have purchased some products from Qnet. I purchased a watch from Qnet and am very much satisfied with the product. My parents used tea sold by them and they are all praise for the product.
Qnet is a part of Direct selling Industry which is unregulated in India. Many fake companies posing as ethical direct selling companies have come and gone in India, but this does not mean you victimize good and ethical direct selling companies as well.
Commission paid by Qnet totally depends upon the sale of goods done by the independent representatives,which is quite ethical.
I request you to please act more responsible before airing such fake news in order to get maximum trp’s.
Arif S

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