I joined Qnet in 2012 and I sincerely thank to my sister who referred to me and gave me the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Each and every word that was told to me about the company, the product and the compensation is true to the core. This is the business which make me realised what it takes to dream and how it feels when we realise our dreams.

This is the business which has given me the opportunity to make my first international trip with my wife when we attended the annual conference VCON in Indonesia in 2012. My belief in the company got firm when I saw the more than 10000 entrepreneur on the same venue. I got to meet Cheif Pathman and Dato Shri Vijay Eshwaran as well. Having got the opportunity
to see Qi Tower in Malaysia was the testimony that my company is established and is in existence.

Coming to the products, it has amazing product lines. I am the proud owner of limited edition Swiss watches and also enjoyed the Vacation package which I had bought. The properties are amazing across the globe and it’s real real value for money.

In my last four years of my journey it has never ever happened that I had not got my commission. Tax are deducted at source making my income legal and ethical.

I want to thank each and every partner with whom I got the opportunity to work in realising their dreams and in the process I am also evolving as a better human being.

Singh JP

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