Before Qnet I was thinking to survive in the life with Job only. I alaways blame to my fortune for not getting a Government job. I didn’t have any dream as I knew I can not fullfil it. Even in my entire Marrige life of 6 years I only gone for Vacation of 4 to 5 places that also in India.To go to International trip I never thought. Working in project & power plant operation for other I was a sucessful. But personally I never feel I am happy in life. In my enire job careers I spoiled my youth by working for Corporate. Really after working more than 10 years, I save nothing so that to start the business, I have to take loan.

I got this great business Q Net just before 5 month from my friend & with the trust & belive of great person who took my plan. After that everthing changes . I become a dreamer now i am sure i will give King Queen life style to my parents , the best lifestyle to my wife & kid. I can go on Vacation any place in the planet with family.After coming to business I have first time made stopping at Jabalpur in Valentine day of approximately 30000/- without checking price of any item. This busines changed my lifestyle & Mindset totally. Earlier I was spoiling time by watching TV. Now I am alaways want to change the lifestyle of other person by giving this greatest business opertunity as a gift.

I trust & give always 100% to my up line & i am very dedicately encouaraging to my down line. The culture of QNET is amazing as it changed the life of lot of people. Within few month in this great business I am sure I will be full timer very soon. I will give the best life to my all family members & change the life style of lot of people who belives, trust me. This is the best Network business in planet where grand up lines are showing Servant leadership quality & loyality.

I personally use many products exclusively owned by company & Subsidiaries. I use BIO DISC in to my day to day life & I feel more energetic every single day. My mother & Mother in laws are using EDGE 3. Both are feeling better & energetic.

Lastly I can say there is always master plan & only that make me changes like that.I thankful to my up line for giving this great business where I can prove my potential .


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