To the ill users of national media,

It was hilarious when i saw the video saying my company ‘QNET’ is a scam.
I am pretty sure the video is based on illegitimate facts.
We are the happiest customers of a company existing since 18 years owning awesome products. I myself have been using the swiss watches from this company. We are one of the leading registered network marketing company.
We get our commissions on the purchase of the great products and not by recruiting people. The model of the company is pretty straight forward and transparently tells the customers on the compensation plan.

It is very strange and disheartening to see a news channel of such brand which is a very known brand of india airing videos about a great company relying on incorrect/fake sources.

I expect an apology from your side for doing such a shameful act of airing such video.SHAME ON YOU.

This mail has not been sent by any pressure from my company. I have sent it as independent customer/ partner representing the company.

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