To whomever it may concern,

Its such a shame that zee new channel have gone to this extent every time trying to put QNET down. I have been a loyal customer of this company n love the products n services what they have to offer. Its ironical that inspite of the commissions i have earned by selling the products is TAX PAID on wat basis are u all naming it as a SCAM???

We are associated wid the best team MCFC,
Martina Hingis, FC Goa (owned by Ambanis n Virat Kohli) n the list is on and on.

Also very ironical that your news channel showcased this years IIFA awards where QNET was also a sponsor. Journalism has to be responsible. Only suggestion is to please check facts n figures before going national.
P.S. Its important to take care of ones own backyard before trying to seek into someone else’s


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