To whomsoever it may be concerned.

Dear Sir/ Madam.

I am writing this email as an Independent Representative of the QI Groups of Company and in lieu of the recent discussion on Zee Business where Qnet and the QI Groups was publicly defamed on your Channel – Zee Business.

Qnet has a code of ethics which are adhered to by all representatives. The products and services are sold and NO representative is told that he or she is required to invest money here as a scheme.

It is a legitimate business in the Network Marketing Industry where are customers are happy. Commissions are made on the basis of the products sold and not on the basis of purely recruiting people.

With global brand ambassadors like Martina Hingis, Manchester City Football Club, Virat Kohli (FC Goa) and Muttiah Muralitharan along with Forumula 1 Marussia Racing team, Qnet has also sponsored the 2015 IIFA awards. Our founder has been repeatedly invited to speak on the World Economic Forums and has been a global Philanthropist.

Responsible journalism demands that you see both sides of the coin. Rather than blatantly defaming a company where Tax is Deducted at Source for every commission made by every Independent Representative on a weekly basis, it is unfair to pronounce the company laundering 1000 Crores of white money because the fact of the matter is that the Government of India has also accrued 10 percent of that very 1000 Crores in taxes.

My humble request is clarify these biased allegations through your channel and allow the representatives to also speak up. This company and this project is the bread and butter for many individuals. Why should one NOT look at the other side also? Isn’t that what you are supposed to ETHICALLY do as a journalist?


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