Economic Offense Wing,

Unit XI

Crime Branch,


Dear EOW Official,

With due respect I would like to inform you that QNet is a 100% legal and ethical business, I need not defend that. The company’s credibility and foundation is so strong that even the “s” of “scam” or the “f” of “fraud” can’t touch the company. Associations with Manchester City Football Club, with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group for our F1 racing team Marussia, coupled with our Founders recognition in honourable panels such the World Economic Forum, speaks volumes of QNet’s renowned recognition across the world. I’m sure Martina Hingis and Muttiah Muralitharan would think twice before becoming brand ambassadors with any organisation; they became so for QNet. The world speaks high of the Qi Group of Companies, the parent company of QNet.

I started the QNet business, as a registered authorised Independent Representative in the year 2013 and have made, by Gods grace, white, legal and taxed money, to the extent that I do not need a job to run my stomach. I have done so with my consistent hard work and efforts, day in day out, building my organisation not just in India, but in 5 other countries too simultaneously. Ofcourse, hats off to the comprehensive training program QNet and The V (QNets training arm) offers to Independent Representatives of the company, to build not just business, but to build ourselves as good human beings, responsible citizens of the world, to not only raise oneself in life, but help others in their lives too.

Regarding the products and services, they are awesome. They are experiential, just like most things in life are, and the company even has a return policy in case of a customer having a dissatisfied experience of any product or service. I must comment though, that in my two and half years of being associated with QNet, not once have I seen in my personal network running business or heard around me of any such case of dissatisfied customers. On the contrary, atleast I have had positive reviews around me.

I am a personal fan of both our wellness vertical of products as well as our amazingly economical and high class of luxury resort properties. I’ve stayed at numerous properties of the QVI CLUB (QNet’s vacations arm), to name a few, Sunway Lagoon (5 star, KL, Malaysia), Country Villas Kajaang (villa resort in Malaysia), Impiana KLCC (5 star, Malaysia). If one were to check the at-counter rates of these hotes, it would range between (in INR) 10,000-22,000 per night. Avail the same using the QVI Club Diamond, and it sits at no more than INR 5,000 per night, and this had stay for 4 adults.

Ofcourse, it requires equanimity of mind to disregard mere rumours and actually study and research on a subject of discussion. It’s a sad tale that majority people fall victim to negative rumours so soon without analysing with logic and rationality. Whether an image of “scam” or “fraud” has been attached to QNet or not, QNet business has continued to only grow multi fold. The company practices and preaches of being true to the core, of being warriors and champions and that’s what I dream to become in life also. Yes, I am a dreamer. Those around me may consider me foolish or childish to think so, but let me consider it worth reminding that each and every successful personality around us today, stands wherever he/she is, because they had the courage to dream. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Lincoln, Nehru, Ambani, Tata, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran, Narendra Modi~ started off as nobodies and became some bodies. It all starts with a dream. May God bless all with courage to pursue their dreams, and not only talk of dreams, but actually materialise them into reality. That’s what I have been empowered to have done, to continue to do, with QNet.

Janhit Kalyan mein jaari. Yours sincerely, Prithvi R G

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