Whom so ever it may concern..
Hi I am Archishi and I am proud to be a part of Qnet…
The project has helped me to become a strong individual.People now look up to me and appreciate me for my sucess and positive change in attitude. Its been 3 yrs of corporate experience. In these three years I have just achieved one thing and that was to become a loyal slave but still get peanuts in d end. But Qnet has helped me to achieve my family’s and my dreams. I know Qnet z d only way to roar like a tiger infront of eveybody with my sucess.
People are misconcepted by the working model. I would like to clear it out that its all fake.Come experince it and you can find a way to feel satisfied and a. Way to achieve dreams.
I would like to say In the end that we earn once the Comision is made of a product and is sold n not by recruiting people…

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