Wake up & smell the coffee!!

Every industry has faced challenges in its initial stage, so that’s what Direct Sales or network marketing is going through. This is the next step to Franchise model. This is surely a business of 21st century as the old ways sucks.

I am engineer and so have done my due diligence before starting this biz. All naysayers/ activists need to get their facts cleared. This is not an easy money; but one has to give his or her sweat and blood to get rewards.

We are in referral based biz or word of mouth or recommendation that is what Uber, Citibank, Ola, and job referring does. You refer and you earn which is win-win situation. We don’t give shit load of money to celebrities or media to advertise our products; we do biz by recommending to our network of known people. I have used its holiday product QVI and it’s wonderful deal. Nothing can beat us.
We are linked with MCFC, Martina Hingis, F1 MARUSSIA, IIFA AWARDS and lot more…
I trust QNET!!!

Malhotra S

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